Too old for a swimsuit?: Demi Moore often felt insecure

Too old for a swimsuit?
Demi Moore often felt insecure

Demi Moore is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. But even the 59-year-old is not immune to uncertainty. With her swimwear collection, she now wants to make other women feel comfortable at the beach and in the pool.

Hollywood star Demi Moore has launched a new collection of swimwear label Andie. The actress spoke to the American magazine “People”. About their attitude to bikinis and swimwear, their favorite models and how they deal with insecurities.

This inspired her to think about the areas of her body that women are particularly sensitive to, “whether it’s her stomach or another part of her body,” says Moore. “They don’t want to look demure or feel sexy or desirable.” The idea that women are less desirable with age was also in her head – but it’s changing now.

The antique look was the model

Swimwear of the past few years has shown a lot of skin with very high leg cuts and a tiny bikini. “I started thinking about how models with so little fabric have taken hold over the past few years,” Moore says. In her collection, the actress now focuses more on vintage-style swimwear, which she loves for its elegance and glamor. Moore also displays her collection on her body in a photo session.

It took her some effort, the actress admits. “Maybe I fall into the category of women who don’t trust their bodies more,” Moore said. That part of her was “too weak”. However, she would have felt supported and encouraged during filming, which is probably due in large part to her models. “I really hope they give women confidence.”

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