But who is the German composer really?

On Sunday, June 6, Arte greets German composer Ludwig van Beethoven by playing the composer’s nine symphonies from 12:55 p.m.

The year 2020 marked the 250th birthday Ludwig van Beethoven. Then Aarti paid tribute to the author by showing several of his works. This year, the channel iterates by broadcasting all nine symphonies, performed live by nine prestigious orchestras and conductors from major European cities. An opportunity to draw under the portrait of this outstanding musician.

Beethoven, victim of one of the worst cases of confinement: deafness

Ludwig van Beethoven Born in Bonn, Germany in 1770, he is one of the greatest musicians of all time. During his life, the character was far from unanimous. The image of a solitary genius, misunderstood and angry, really sticks to the composer’s skin. Designed by the famous author Ninth Symphony No stranger to this reputation as a man-hating man. Beethoven Terribly suffering from hearing problems, he was said to have appeared in 1798, at the age of 28. But music becomes the only reason for his life. The totality of his works is rich in 138 compositions.

Beethoven, Picasso to Music

If today is considered exceptional, then music Beethoven Yet he struggled to win. It was disturbing, as Picasso’s painting shocked the audience! According to him, art and the humanities should allow man to become better and elevate himself intellectually and humanely. “They will like it laterHe is also the one who gave his noble speeches to symphonic music, without words. Prophetic, artist! Certainly moody and misunderstood by many of his contemporaries, composer Pastoral Symphony It is actually romantic. He never married, was a great lover. His conquests were all the musicians he loves to write works for so that they think of him all the time! remains a mysteryEternal lover“, Whose Beethoven She sent three fiery messages, but her identity is still unknown to this day…

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