Before making his debut in Euro 2020, Aadil Rami wanted to send a “blink of an eye” to the French team …

Atil Rami, the Holy 2018 World Champion, will be following the France team’s matches from afar this summer. But the triangular defender, who played at Bovista this season, found a way to “surround” the team before Euro 2020. Guest at the show On top of the foot At RMC Sport, Bastia (35) expressed his desire to give a somewhat special gift to the blues. “Send good waves and thank them”.

“It makes people talk”

“It’s a small blink of an eye and in a few days they will get it. Well, it’s going to make people laugh, but it’s often makes people talk., Before saying more about this surprise, he smiled. I gave them 26 small customized fire extinguishers. I wanted to give them this gift. “ Among the players selected by Didier Deschamps is an unusual object that brings back fond memories of those who were already in Russia three years ago.

It was a fire extinguisher that lit up the rooms and corridors of Hotel des Blues in Istra, causing Adil Rami to evacuate players and staff on the night following the eighth final. Against Argentina (4 -3). An incident could have serious consequences for him, but it would be legendary, Didier Deschamps has decided not to let him. I hope this gift brings good luck to the French.

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