'The Medallion': Gordon Chan's film as reruns online and on TV

On June 20, 2022 (Mon), Kapel Ainz premiered Gordon Chan’s feature film “Das Medellon” on TV. When and where the feature film will be broadcast again, both digitally only and also on TV, read here on news.de.

“Das Medillon” was shown on TV on Monday (June 20, 2022). Missed Gordon Chan on TV at 10:50pm but still wanted to watch The Medallion? have a look at 1. CableMore media library. Here you will find countless TV shows that you can stream online after broadcasting as VOD. You can usually find the program in your media library after it has aired on your TV. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all shipments. “The Medal” is also repeated again on TV in Cable 1: AM 26.6.2222 a 3:10 pm.

The Medallion on TV: This is what action comedy is all about

Hong Kong: Inspector Eddie Yang is looking for the damned villain Snakehead. He wants to pick up a mysterious medal that a young boy is watching in a temple. A mysterious piece of jewelry grants people supernatural abilities and even immortality. You must help the snake head to dominate the world. He has no scruples anyway. (Source: Kabel 1, quoted by FUNKE magazines)

A glimpse of all the information and actors of “The Medallion”

repeat on: 26.6.2022 (3:10 PM)

in: 1. Cable

phone: Gordon Chan

with: Jackie Chan, Lee Evans, Claire Forlani, Julian Sands, John Rhys-Davies, Anthony Wong, Wing Fei Wong, Kristi Chung, Lao Siu-Ming, Johann Myers, Alexander Bao

script.: Alfred Cheung, Bennett Davlin, Paul Wheeler, Bay Logan and Gordon Chan

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camera: Arthur Wong

Music Adrian Lee

Type: variety, adventure, action and humor

year of production: 2003

FSK: Approved for ages 12 and up

Subtitle: yes

in high definition: yes

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