Magali Medina will be present in Peru vs.  Colombia and the masses call it salty.
Magali Medina will attend the Peruvian-Colombia match in Barranquilla. (Photo: Instagram)

They don’t want it. Magali Medina has admitted on more than one occasion that she is not a fan of Peruvian football and less of the players of the Peruvian national team, with whom she has had legal problems on more than one occasion because of the “amps” she did for her. With them.

The TV presenter announced, via her Instagram account, that she was in Barranquilla, Colombia, the city where the Peruvian team will face the “coffee growers” in the Qatar 2022 qualifiers.

That’s why his followers asked him if he was going to Roberto Melendez Metropolitan Stadium To encourage “bi-color”. Magpie’s response surprised more than one, because in fact she was going to attend but made it clear that she would do so to accompany her husband.

She pointed out that Alfredo Zambrano He invited her to Colombia and asked her to accompany him to the sports stadium, although she is not a fan of football; but nevertheless, Medina Magazine She confirmed that she would only attend to please her husband.

My husband gave me a nice vacation trip, but in return he asked me to accompany him to watch the Peru vs. Colombia. When you love someone, you do whatever it takes to make them happy.‘, he confirmed.

Likewise, she confirmed that she never went to see the Peruvian team in Lima and that she only came to the stadiums for concerts, so it will be the first time she sees a Blanqueroga match.

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I come to accompany my husband, it’s something I don’t do, I don’t like football, but he invites me to travel around the world and I also know how to please him“, he added.

Magali Medina announced that she is in Barranquilla and will attend the qualifying match for the Peruvian national team.

The Professor’s choice fans don’t want that

Because bad feelings Medina Magazine It will affect the players Peru national teamwho plays for his place in the World Cup, is a fan of the team Ricardo Gareca They began to call it “salty”.

Salty and cloudy, don’t go “,” The game will be salted, it turns out that you do not sympathize with our players “,” Now the players will be nervous”, were some of the comments that can be read on social networks.

The fans of the Peruvian national team do not want the city of Magali.  (Photo: TikTok)
The fans of the Peruvian national team do not want the city of Magali. (Photo: TikTok)

Peru plays in Qatar Qatar 2022

the Peru national team You need to beat your peer Colombia To continue the dream of qualifying, because after playing some matches on date 15, everyone’s team took sixth place in the standings, a position that leaves it outside the World Cup.

This important match will take place on Friday 28 January in Barranquilla. This match will be watched at 4:00 pm (Peruvian time) and will be broadcast on the América Televisión signal.

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