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Maluma and Rick will be back in the spotlight with “Perfect”. (Photo: @ reikmx / Instagram)

Three years after their first collaboration, Mexican band Rick and Colombian singer Maluma announced a new song together.

The single is titled “Perfect” and will premiere May 26 on all digital platforms.

This was announced by the famous band consisting of Jess Navarro, Pepe Marine and Julio Ramírez Egoia through the official account of the music group on Instagram, where you can watch The three members wear red suits and reload them on some stairs, accompanied by Maluma.

Maluma and Rick will be showing a new song for the first time

“The perfect song is about to end! 05.26.2021 ″, the message they shared was May 22. It wasn’t long after the fans of the group entered Interact and show your support and excitement by listening to this new collaboration.

They also shared a small portion of the official video, which you can see An elegant pink old car in which Maluma sings, as well as Navarro, Marin and Ramirez, dancing and playing their instruments.

The theater is the beach and it seems A luxurious hotel, where you can see very chic and relaxing artists.

Maluma also promoted the song on his official Instagram account, where he shared a video on The privacy of your home listening to part of the choir song.

Maluma announced a new collaboration with Reik

In the video, the Hawaiian singer appears shirtless and wearing a black hat, to the rhythm of the romantic songs of the new song. With his distinct personality, The Colombian was excited about the premiere of what could be a new hit.

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In 2018, the pop group released a single with Maluma for the first time, which was a huge shock to her fans The merging of two musical genres may seem polar opposites.

Friends with benefits It was part of the album “Now”, as the Mexican band explored the mix between pop and reggaeton music. Among the guests of the album was not only Maluma, but also collaborations with Ozuna, Wisin & Yandel, Zion & Lenox, and Manuel Turizo.

Also, it is among the song’s production credits Hurry me up, Is the name of the famous reggeton player Danny Ocean.

The band will continue to explore the urban genre (Image: Infobae)
The band will continue to explore the urban genre (Image: Infobae)

This album was an important moment in the band’s career since then Ric is best known for authoring and producing romantic pop songsSo the thought of merging musical genres was crazy.

In an interview with Infobae Mexico, Rick spoke about what it means to join the regethon.

“None of the three of us listened to much urban music,” Choi admitted. Nikki Jam is the first artist to propose a collaboration.

Leaving behind the prejudice of the band who did not know the famous singer, They agreed to compose a song together.

We all come from the same Regijaton disqualification list, as well as our disqualificationBecause we were three supposedly beautiful children who sang. Navarro replied: “Nobody believed us that we were singing and playing until now,” because they received harsh criticism after the collaboration for merging the poem with the urban genre.

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However, the success was such a song it’s me Beside Ozuna he currently has over 970 million views on YouTube. What’s more, It reached a platinum record.

Keep reading: So with our new collaboration with Maluma Fans hope it will be a top 10 hit.

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