Saturday, November 6, the second anniversary reward star AcademyNolwenn Leroy (re) discovered her audition footage for the second season of the show and revealed that she “almost fell off the stage”.

Share it in star Academy changed his life. In 2002, Nolwenn Leroy won the second telecom season against Hussain Kamara. Since then, the singer has released eight studio albums, had a series of hit songs and has toured more than once. But it all started in Dammarie-les-Lys. Even if you haven’t entered a castle Star AC… In fact, she was not at all satisfied with her hearing. “Do you remember your casting?”, order Nikos Aliagas, Saturday 6 November, the second anniversary of the reward twenty years of the show. I remember very well my first acting…, embarrassed Nolwenn Leroy replied to (re)discovering the images.

Nolwenn Leroy: “I almost fell off the stage because we couldn’t see the edge very well”

Then Clermont-Ferrand law student Nolwenn Leroy sang the title MusicWritten by France Gall in front of the jury. Then I tried a few very awkward dance moves Love doesn’t let me goWritten by David Guetta. “big dance”Nikos Aliagas sneered after the excerpt was unveiled. Nolwenn Leroy admitted that she thought she would not be remembered by the production after her casting. I tell myself she’s dead…Hostess remembered: “Besides, I almost fell off the stage because we couldn’t see the edge of the stage very well and the whole jury was in the shadows. At one point, I took so much space to see the scale of my amazing gestures, and I almost fell off the stage.” I said to myself, “Done.”. ” We know what happened next: She was called up, she got involved, and she won. And I learned to dance, too. Kamel [Ouali] change my life “, assured Nolwenn Leroy, specifying: “I really learned a lot in dance class.” There was a lot to learn…

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