Over 30 Years Later(!): Amazon Connects With The Famous '90s Sitcom - With Original Stars At The Time - Serial News

A sequel to “Who’s the Boss?” was announced two years ago. Starring original stars Tony Danza and Alyssa Milano. Now the project is even more real: the series has ended up on Amazon’s free streaming service Freevee.

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It is very likely that anyone who was browsing the TV show in the late ’90s would have encountered the “Who’s the boss here?” problem. at some point. The American comedy ran for eight seasons in the United States from 1984 to 1992, but reached Germany only after the end, that is, at the end of 1992, with RTL releasing all episodes at once within a year and even broadcasting. Because of their great success is repeated directly. evolved “Who’s the boss here?” to a successful mass cult in Germany as well. Now Amazon has got a sequel to its free streaming service, Freevee.

This is what “Who’s the Boss?” is all about.

Who’s the Boss tells the story of former New York baseball player Tony Micheli (Tony Danza) who decides to move to the country with his daughter Samantha (Alyssa Milano), where he lives in small-town…executive Angela Power (Judith Light). But there is always friction between Tony and Angela. The question quickly arises as to who is the actual boss in the house. Amidst the feuds, the two began to develop feelings for each other, and in the typical sitcom “Will They Do, Right?”.

Here’s what we know about the sequel

It’s now likely to pick up the Who’s the Boss series about 30 years after the series ended. The story centers on the relationship between the now retired Tony and his daughter Samantha, who is now a single mother. Different opinions, especially when it comes to raising children, should always lead to differences of opinion, which, however, in the spirit of the previous series, would certainly not be serious, but would be accompanied by a lot of humor.

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No other original stars have been confirmed except for Tony Danza and Alyssa Milano. So, whether there will be a meeting with Judith Light and Danny Pintoro, who played Angela’s son Jonathan, is not yet known. Katherine Helmond, who also played a major role in the original film as Angela Mona’s mother, was left out. The actress passed away in 2019 at the age of 89.

This is Freevee from Amazon

In the US, “Who’s the Boss” sequel is getting louder Limit It works on Amazon Freevee. This is the live streaming service of the online mail ordering company, formerly known as IMDB TV, which is also set to come to Germany this year.

Amazon Freevee differs from Amazon Prime Video in that it is not a paid streaming service that requires a subscription, but a free service that is financed by ads. This means that when streaming on Freevee there are always ad breaks, but in return you can watch the content completely for free.

The German launch of Amazon Freevee has been announced in 2022. The exact date is still pending. The sequel “Who’s the boss here?” , which has no start date yet, will likely end up on Freevee in this country as well. However, this has not yet been officially confirmed.

One of the best sitcoms of all time is set to return after 25 years – with original stars but still very different.


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