The perfect dinner with Carmushka: This classic is available from Influencer

Karmuschka hosted the perfect dinner at Vox today. The influencer of Cologne cooks Polish specialties.

cologne – What Carmen Kroll, 29, aka “Karmushka” has to offer in “The Perfect Dinner,” fans of the VOX influencer can watch on Tuesday.

Carmen Kroll (29 years old) succeeds as “Karmushka” on Instagram. © TVNOW / ITV Studios

The 29-year-old has to cook on the popular show and is really nervous beforehand, as she admitted at the start of the show.

But a cologne woman doesn’t have to hide at all. As a mom, fashion trendsetter, and influencer, she confidently goes to the stove.

When visiting the Belgian Quarter in Cologne, it soon becomes clear: Carmen Kroll is well-equipped in her kitchen and has a plan. Your menu is filled with Polish dishes, and at best, it should impress other influencers.

Other guests have to use the menu to guess what the menu might be. The 29-year-old celebrity has transcribed all the dishes in Polish.

Much more can be revealed in advance: a Polish classic is included. Delicious homemade pierogi on the plate.

Carmen Kroll lives with her husband in Cologne.

Carmen Kroll lives with her husband in Cologne. © Instagram / Carmen Kroll

While Karmuschka is still very tense beforehand, three vodkas before the respective sessions may help her calm down. The liqueur is well received by the guests.

In the end, a cologne woman can also look forward to a good appraisal. Let me tell you up front: I got the full 10 points twice!

By the way, the culinary show participant says about the previous shoot: “The experience of participating in a perfect dinner was exciting, but also challenging!”

It is still very exciting for her to be filming for TV and she very much hopes that she has done well.

Other guests are Michy Brandel and Nicolette Fontares, who scored 36 points on day one, as well as Louis Coleman and Justin Schlutter.

By the way, the show starts at 7 PM on VOX and can also be watched on TVNOW streaming service.

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