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Presidential candidate Melenchon 2022a file

While waiting for the official presentation of his show, the rebel candidate is closely watching the EE-LV preliminaries and entry into Anne Hidalgo’s campaign. And Thursday, he received “Liberation” to invoke one of the powerful themes of his third presidential campaign: the fight against “food insecurity.”

Thursday evening. Jean-Luc Melenchon greeted us in a conference room at his headquarters in the north of Paris. And MEP Manuel Bombard, who is supposed to be his campaign manager again, moved to his side. The presidential candidate asks a question: “Shall we leave ourselves trapped in foul arguments with Zemmour and his companions?” The rebel tries to be heard on social and environmental issues without taking his eyes off the competition. Socialist Anne Hidalgo is officially launched, while ecologists decide, in the primaries – the results of the first round will be announced on Sunday. Deputy Bosch du Rhône wishes to occupy the land. His program will be formalized in Reims on October 16, during his movement’s congress. In the meantime, he announced to launch His new proposals to fight Food insecurity. We also looked at the political situation.

You want to make food safety a central theme of your campaign. why ?

The country is in a state of insecurity…

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