United States: Tipping $4,400, fired by her employer

Who has actually paid the equivalent of €3,800 tip to serve a meal in a restaurant?

Ryan Brandt, a waitress at a restaurant in Arkansas, US, received an incredible tip of $4,400 – more than €3,800 – on December 2, 2021. She was going to share it with a co-worker.

The sweet story turned into a nightmare a few days later, since the young woman was fired by her employer. An indirect consequence of this generous bonus left by a satisfied customer.

cry in the United States

Because once he’s warned, his boss thinks the distribution is unfair. He explains to the waitress that she will also have to share the tip with other employees, such as the chef. This mathematically reduces the amount each receives.

Then she accepts the decision, but warns the donor. Unhappy, the latter decides to tip directly to the two employees he wishes to thank. Shaking too much for employer waitress Ryan Brandt who was fired this time. The story reached the ears of the mainstream American media.

Ryan Brant has since found a job as a waitress at another establishment.

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