Jennifer Lopez announces her engagement to Ben Affleck

Pop singer Jennifer Lopez announced Friday night that she’s engaged to actor Ben Affleck, with whom she reconnected in early 2021, nearly two decades after the couple cut wedding plans and went their separate personal ways.

in your account TwitterThe Puerto Rican singer said she had a “very interesting and special story to share” and announced that she would present it through her personal newsletter.on JLOAlthough, he did give a big hint by putting an episode emoji next to his name.

According to the magazine PeopleWhich confirmed the association with her representative, the message addressed to subscribers included another video clip in which the singer liked an engagement ring studded with green diamonds.

Lopez and Affleck started seeing each other again last year, after the “Jenny from the Block” hitmaker ended her engagement to former Yankees star Alex Rodriguez and “Jenny from the Block” star. the girl is gone He ended his relationship with Spanish actress Ana de Armas.

The couple, nicknamed “Bennifer,” has since been seen on red carpets and public outings around the world, alone or with their children: Lopez had two children with her ex-husband, singer Marc Anthony; Affleck has three with his ex-wife, translator Jennifer Garner.

Lopez, 52, and Affleck, 49, began dating in mid-2002 and got engaged later that year, but they postponed and eventually called off the wedding in 2004, though they said their friendship lasted throughout their pre-marital years. themselves a second chance.

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