6 missing and 80 thousand displaced

The balance sheet goes up Dead people because of Floods And based on Landslides Which was destroyed in recent days Indonesian island of Sumatra. They will be 21actually people who have a life to add to it You are missing. the high rain They particularly hit on Becisir Selatan District. Somebody Role It's a result Destroyedin Thousands Those instead Flooded. During these hours, rescuers' activity continues Residents of many villages were evacuated.

Annex houses: 80 thousand displaced people

the high rain The last few hours have been exciting Floods And it caused a Landslide On the island of Indonesia Sumatra Where the ground cannot bear the load of precipitated water.

The result is that Destroyed villages In the Becisir Selatan District The streets are covered in mud, just like the houses. They almost transform 20 thousandIn fact, the Homes are flooded and unusable.

Rescuers help villagers in Becisir Selatan evacuate the area

This is what the local authorities reported talking about as well 8 bridges collapsed. In total, 80 thousand people They will have They left their villages Finding temporary shelter in buildings constructed by the government.

A landslide occurred on Friday in Becisir Selatan district

The situation on the Indonesian island has been critical for several days. Friday, March 8, in fact, one Landslide It collapsed down the mountain and was taken with it clay, rocks And the trees Who reached a river Becisir Selatan District.

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The river did not hold up, so its banks broke Villages in the area were drowned. Hence the continuous deterioration of the budget, which has risen today – as expected – to what it is today 21 dead and 6 missing.

Rescue activity forThe evacuation process continues unabatedDespite his disability for the past few hours black out And The roads are blocked by mudAccording to what local authorities explained.

The situation is also critical in the Padang Pariaman area: at least three people have been killed

region Pecesir SelatanHowever, it is not the only one on the island Sumatra To deal with landslides caused by heavy rains.

even in Padang Pariaman DistrictIn fact, rivers have broken their banks because… high rain Provocation Floods in which At least three people lost their lives.

At these particular hours as well France It deals with the floods that struck the south of the country. Seven people are currently missing, including two children.

Image source: Basarnas/EPA/ANSA


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