Free horoscope and tarot for Monday, May 2, 2022  a woman


Perhaps today you are feeling a little tired, and you have a lot of work issues on your mind. Try to calm down and you will find solutions.


Despite your work responsibilities, you will be able to fulfill everything if you ask for help from people you trust.


You will discover that there have been errors in some business decisions. Accept your responsibility and correct the course.


Try not to start arguing at work today because you might lose your temper and say something hurtful. acting mature.


You may have to work out some unexpected issues with your partner, but do so through dialogue and not looking for more confrontations.


You will have the maturity to clear up some issues with your partner. Good day at work, let it be actual.


A great work day, as long as you accept input from your close colleagues. Take care of your economic income now.

The scorpion

It can be a good day, as long as you take the time to listen to everyone’s opinions at work.


Your communication will not be the most appropriate at work, especially since you are not using concrete arguments. Take care of your money.


Today at work I can take on new responsibilities. Lots of passion in love, whether married or single. enjoy it.


Tough moments at work. It is better to act with a calm head. Trust more in your partner because you know what works best for you.

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Don’t pretend to control every decision your co-workers and loved ones make or you will be left alone.


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