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Leon LargeThe rock band musician Zoé starred in many controversies inside and outside social media, the latest of which was on Twitter on Sunday, where he retweeted a post from the Spanish newspaper El Mundo where they stated that 23 songs from Bad Bunny’s new album They were among the most listened to in the world.

The Zoé singer shared the news about the Puerto Rican hit with a message: “Disposable trash! Capitalist design, reframing ignoranceEven though he deleted his message, the screenshot is still going viral on Twitter.

The singer has set himself up against reggaeton on other occasions, the kind he considers to be a fashion; But his criticism reached other areas.

Leon Largui vs. Beto Cuevas

In 2013, also through Twitter, Larighi mocked the singer Beto Cuevas To publish an autobiographical book entitled El arte de ser Beto Cuevas. Conversations with Javier Andrade.

“It wasn’t enough for him to be a member of the worst rock band in Spanish. Even worse, judge one of the worst TV shows (La Voz…México) and get a book.

In another letter they asked him what he had against Cuevas, and he replied: “I don’t hate her. I don’t care. Nothing else makes me laugh…”.

Leon Largui vs. Police men

A year later, the musician announced on Twitter that he had been arrested, a day after giving a speech against the government at the conclusion of one of his concerts for the 43 disappeared from Ayotzinapa.

I just got arrested and raped Some Neanderthals. They don’t scare me… They can kill me, but that won’t stop us.”

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According to what was later said, he was held for a few hours and it all started when he was denied a coffee in a cafeteria and a fight broke out on the premises.

This was not his first arrest, because in 2010 he had already been arrested while apparently drunk driving, at that time he told the media: “I was caught walking in the street … I obviously saw the respirator I stopped, got out of the car and started walking and they stopped me… yeah One can no longer walk drunk on the streetIt’s unconstitutional.”

Then he began insulting and assaulting the reporters. One of the journalists asked him why he was kicked with the camera. He replied: “Because I hate you.”

Leon Largui vs. chefs

Soon after, in 2015, he commented on his Twitter about a music project titled “mccessry, From Camilo Lara and Guy de la Cueva and Chiteswhich consists of making covers in his own style English band Morrissey.

“N1. Don’t make covers of legendary bands denigrating the original song. Mexirrey”, published May 25, 2015.

Sheets replied, “Point number 2 “Don’t get involved in what you don’t care about” Tweet embed Carmen Salinas Rock“.

Leon Largui vs. Vaccines

Then, in January 2021, the musician’s Twitter account was deleted for posting information against COVID vaccines, and called on his followers not to get vaccinated:

It’s a DNA implant that will make you count on it upgrades The Pharmaceutical Empire, the new face of control, Rome, they will threaten me or make things up about me, but it’s the truth.”

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