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Serge Beseda He was locked up in a maximum security prison in Moscow: the accusations against him were very serious, and in the reports about him we read about the “lack” of intelligence. Translate: Reseda is accused of being a mole Months before that, US intelligence alerted of Russia’s plans to invade Ukraine. Now, however, Beseda is incredibly re-emerging in public: a look that’s hard to explain even to Russians, who didn’t expect to see him any time soon.

General of the FSB, Russia’s Federal Security Service, was “purged” by Russian President Vladimir Putin With hundreds of intelligence officials accused of providing incorrect information about Ukraine, or worse, of handing it over to the “enemy”, represented by the United States and NATO. Beseda, who was once loyal to the Russian president, was imprisoned and yet he is now She reappeared in public: He was taken to the funeral of a veteran of the KGB, Nikolai Leonov, and even gave a speech. How should this fact be explained? Beseda, 68, was actually in a maximum security prison and before that he was under house arrest.

Andrei Soldatovan independent Russian journalist, tried to offer a plausible explanation for Beseda’s re-appearance in public: he said it would be a ‘Desperate attempt’ To deny the existence of an internal dispute within the Russian intelligence services. The journalist explained that “the FSB carried out an amazing operation”: all this was aimed at throwing smoke in the eyes of the Russian population.

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