A couple in their thirties were killed in a fire that broke out in Pays-Haut in Willeraft on the night of Thursday, December 23rd, Friday, December 24th. Leaning into the accidental path. They too Proceed with more caution, Mont-Saint-Martin Police Station investigators are working on the hypothesis of a short circuit.

An inquiry that promises to be complex

The lawsuit was probably funded by Christmas decorations and wooden structures in the old building. Residents on the second floor did not survive as the fire spread from the first floor. The third family was largely rescued by firefighters.

Was the building quality? Was there a smoke detector? None of the first witnesses interviewed mentioned the trigger of the alarm. Some report Dilapidated electrical installations. The Ask the private owner Very soon by investigators: What is his responsibility in the play? That is the whole question, the government side answers. It announces the “potential” opening of information.

With a view to initiating a judicial inquiry

The investigation guarantees that the damage will be enormous, in any case. The building needs to be in a state of complete collapse To protect the premises. An expert is coming this weekend.

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