Pensioners who do not send this document lose their INPS allowance, the message is clear

Pensioners have to be very careful, they risk a big headache if they do not send a certain document, the details, to INPS.

Pension check monitoring and review activities are a necessity for INPS funds, for this Eliminate waste and undue payments. Not all retirees who are required to certify their income status are obliged to do so, but some categories in particular.

Obligations of pensioners required by INPS –

In fact, one of the most recent INPS letters had as its subject A Verification campaign To avoid the phenomenon of receiving pensions undeservedly. This monitoring and prevention process is implemented through a series of steps described in the INPS message. But let’s look at some details.

Who are the retirees affected by INPS checks?

Verification campaign relatedBeing alive 2024/25 Follower Italian pensioners residing abroad. This is an assessment that INPS conducts every year to avoid unnecessary perceptions. Monitoring is carried out by the bank that handles the overseas pension payment service on behalf of INPS.

INPS pensioners residing abroad
Existence in life 2024/25 and it is required to submit documents –

So must all pensioners who receive an INPS pension and live abroad Citibank accountWhile adhering to the instructions and adhering to the specified dates. The assessment specifically verifies the existence of pension beneficiaries in life. The inspection period lasts two months Distinct stages depending on destination countries Pensions and pensioner residence.

there The first instar It includes retirees residing in Africa, Oceania and Europe (excluding Scandinavia and Eastern countries). there The second part of the process It concerns South America, Central America, North America, Asia, the Far East, Scandinavia, Eastern European countries and neighboring countries.

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the INPS Message No. 4071 He indicated the dates of operations. from March 2024 to July 2024 Retirees residing in America, Asia, the Far East, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and neighboring countries participate in this. from March 20 Citibank It sends requests for certificates that must be received by the bank By July 2024.

Without payment certificate August installment This is done in person at Western Union agencies in the country of residence. Without personal attainment or proof of presence in life, payment comes It has been suspended as of September 2024. The second stage concerns Europe, Africa and Oceania, from September 2024 to January 2025. The mechanism is the same.

Communications will reach retirees from September 20, 2024the certificate that must be sent January 2025. All instructions will be provided to retirees directly by Citibank.


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