Verona Booth: Thieves enter your villa at Christmas
Panorama On Christmas Eve

Thieves broke into Verona Booth’s villa and ransacked the house

Verona Booth:

Verona Booth: “I feel insecure like a skinned turtle”

Source: dpa / Christian Charisius

Theft at Verona Booth and her family: On Christmas Eve, robbers stole jewelry, money and designer bags. They took their prey in the host’s car. “I was so shocked, I shuddered,” Booth says.

V.Erona Booth and her family experienced a shock on Christmas Eve: thieves broke into their villa in Myrbus near D டுsseldorf and stole jewelry, money and designer bags. “I feel as insecure as a tortoise being taken for a ride,” said the moderator.Sunday film“(” Palms “).

In total, the thieves would have stolen millions of euros. “All of my Cartier wedding jewelry is gone,” the 53-year-old said. The deities have also been stolen.

She celebrated Christmas Eve with her husband Franco and their two sons San Diego and Rocco with their mothers-in-law. When the family arrived home at 11pm on Friday, there were broken pieces in front of the house and their little car was not in its parking lot. “Franco immediately entered the house,” Verona Booth said – but the thieves had already left. “I was so shocked, I shuddered, I could not even dial 110.”

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The robbers would have wreaked havoc. “You were in all the rooms (…) you tore the drawers and wiped everything,” the appraiser said. They tore off a security that was firmly anchored to the wall, dragged it across the house, and then dragged it to Booth’s car.

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The house next door was looted

The previous day, thieves had attacked a neighbor and a family friend. When she got home from ice skating with Booth’s son Rocco, he was still face to face with the thieves – but the thieves simply ran away. Both houses were thought to be the same robbery gang.

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Safe balcony and terrace

News police confirmed both breaks. However, it is not currently clear whether the two acts were the same robbery – further investigations should show it, it said Saturday evening.


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