Few of those know how to make rosemary that dries up again in a few simple steps

Rosemary one Aromatic plant With an intoxicating aroma, it is able to give flavor and flavor to every dish we mix it with.

It is a fairly unpretentious plant, which is also suitable for those who do not have a green thumb and do not have much time to devote to it.

Unfortunately, it happens that during the hot period we notice that the plant dries up slowly and we do not know how to intervene to save it.

Few people know how to make rosemary that dries up again in a few simple steps but in this article we will reveal the solution.

Practical tricks

First of all, let’s make sure this isn’t really dead, and once we’re sure he’s alive we can continue our intervention.

To grow well, it needs dried and loose soil, which allows the roots to breathe, otherwise it will suffer.

If, before drying, the leaves of the plant take on a brown color, then the cause is most likely the soil.

In fact, if we used universal soil, it could also be heavy for rosemary; If taking a handful is going to be compressed and wet, that’s the problem.

At this point we can lighten it some Sand, before burying it again and we’ll see that makes a difference.

If we notice that the plant has some tree leaves The yellow lines that fall off easily and are weak must change their position.

The problem is often that the plant remains in the sun for too long or not receiving it at all.

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The same goes when we water it, we have to give it the right amount of water because giving it too much or too little will damage it.

Especially now that it is starting to rise, it would be best to water it every two days or so, but there is a trick to avoiding mistakes.

We will have to moisten the soil and water it again, once it is dry, just touch it with your hand to check.


To get large and strong rosemary, we must leave a large space available for it to grow in quantity and quality.

It’s unbelievable but few know how to make rosemary that dries again in just a few simple steps.


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