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Rimini, April 26, 2021 –my wife She had to go pick up her children from school, but she never got there. “This is the alarm for the husband who comes to the Carabinieri at a police station on Friday morning. Valmarishia. It’s like a flash, everyone’s thinking goes to it Weather in Guerrina PiscagliaHe was killed a few meters from the house, and his body was never found. Searches begin everywhere, but after two days the army will discover that the reality is completely different: the woman ran away with her lover, leaving behind her husband and children.

He is a man From anxiety, what explodes Military barracks To report the disappearance of his wife of about 40 years old. She says she left the house the previous day at her usual time to pick up the children from school. But when he got home, he found it empty, and they called from school to warn him that his kids were still there waiting for someone to take them. It’s baffling, what would have happened? He called his wife on her cell phone, however Mobile phone mute. While she goes to pick up the children, she keeps calling everyone who knows her or may have seen her, but the answer is always the same: We don’t know where she is. Hours pass very slowly, he is looking for them everywhere, while the fear grows more and more. It is impossible that she vanished into thin air, something must have happened to her. He spends a sleepless night, and in the early morning he rushes to the Carabinieri: “My wife has disappeared. ” The town is small, it is impossible for anyone to see it to pass. But Guerrina’s story is still etched in everyone’s memory. A disappearance was initially mistaken as a voluntary deportation which later turned out to be a murder on that occasion. The investigators lost valuable time, and because she was the mother of a family and not an 18-year-old girl who had a fight with her parents, investigators immediately began searches.

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gendarmerie They started cleaning the entire area, sifting the countryside as well, but no trace of the missing woman was found. Hours pass and fear of something dangerous makes more sense. Then, all of a sudden, the tipping point. The country is, in fact, small, and by asking questions after questions, the investigators discover that a witness saw the woman in the company of A. Sir“. exist Cameras To deepen this, the military was able to get their hands on a car license plate that leads directly to the a SAN MARINO hotels. But when they got there, they told him that the man in question had already left for Turin, to return to the company. They try to call his cell phone, but he also cannot reach it. Finally, they called the company: “He’s Not Here.”
right Now The investigators are almost certain that the man and the woman are together, but where? They find out about it at noon, when the two are tracked down on a Rome Palermo train: they run away to another life. The old woman decided to leave her behind, including the children.


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