Organizers of the El Peon Finn National Discount Program expect this year to surpass the 239 billion pesos (MB) reached in the 2020 edition.

They noted that they could not provide estimates of sales growth for this year because the number of days did not match the other versions, which would be a false comparison.

However, a double-digit increase in internet sales is expected.

The 11th edition of the auction day will take place from November 10 to 16, with at least 95,000 companies expected to join.

According to official reports, the days for this year have been extended to avoid crowds endangering public health due to Govt-19.

This day includes a non-commercial day associated with the commemoration of November 20th.


Meanwhile, the El Peon Finn Raffle will take place on December 10 and prizes will be awarded by the 24th of that month.

Raffles will contain a bag of 500 million pesos, of which 100 million pesos did not generate more than 5 million pesos of revenue in their previous year among small businesses, says Royal Zambrano Rangel, federal executive of management and procedures. Electronic instructions.

The number of prizes to be distributed will be 4,988, an increase of 15 thousand to 20 thousand more than last year, the official said.

He also confirmed that 100 percent of small businesses received prizes last year and that the primary prize of 260 thousand pesos will be allocated to this edition.

Meanwhile, consumers will have a primary prize of 400 million pesos and 250 thousand pesos with 321,261 prizes.

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What are the requirements for participation?

  • Sign up for the Good End portal
  • Businesses are in a state of renewal with their tax obligations and have a tax mailbox

How do I find out which companies are participating?

On the side You can find participating companies, businesses and websites.

Additionally, on this page, companies and organizations can register and update their data.


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