“The truth is that we cannot explain these movements and paths.” - Libero Quotidiano

Also Barack Obama Confirms: The United States has a big problem with UFO. The number of UFO sightings is unprecedented, and the words of the former Democratic president categorically reveal a cauldron even a few months ago intended only for conspiracy theorists and visionaries: It is about Aliens, “Minor” errors in the reports of senior military officers (an unlikely event, given the frequency of sightings) or, a theory that worries military and political leaders in the stars and strips, about phenomena related to espionage by enemy forces such as China e Russia?

Waiting for that in June iThe Pentagon And American intelligence submits a report on its viewing to Congress. Obama disturbs public opinion with clear and detailed words: “The truth is that we often found things in their heavens.” We don’t know how to explain nature. We don’t know how to do that Move like thisWith these paths. We must continue to investigate to understand what it is. So it’s not a fiction, although the Chairman of the Senate Secret Service Committee Marco RubioRepublican, he got it from the then president Donald Trump, Also remember the Corriere della Sera“The inclusion of the National Intelligence Report and the Pentagon in Congress and its allocation, in the emergency measures that were launched to deal with the epidemic,” many of them mocked or even indignant.

Now, with Obama’s words, the music has changed, too John Ratcliffe, Trump’s director of services, warns that “next month’s report will cause a stir” and “contain many elements that the Pentagon never disclosed.”

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