All shot, Italy goes halfway to beat Belgium - liberation
Euro D Football 2020 (and 2021)Document

In this Friday’s quarterfinal (2-1) the intensity of Scratra Assura caught the Red Devils by the throat. He will face Spain at Wembley on Tuesday.

An anger. A courage sank into a permanent impulse. In Munich, Italy rushed over to Belgium and swallowed it eagerly. The second quarter of the Euro, between the two teams, which was certainly the most anticipated and did nothing but win, was a rotating match, much brighter than what Spain and Switzerland had delivered three hours earlier. It was Italy that moved and breathed a sigh of relief, beating the first nation in the FIFA rankings for three years, finishing with the best score at the end of the tournament. He will face Spain in the semifinals at Wembley on Tuesday.

La Nacionale re-enacted this radiant trend, initiated by Roberto Mancini, and for five generations continued to snatch away the line of obstinacy that commanded its football: naughtiness for pleasure, provocation rather than curling. Belgium, for its part, has stopped lying. Against Portugal, it embraced its profound character, the character of a talented team, blooming tough, thin, even dirty.

You have to wait a few minutes in the crowd to find the tempo of the Transylvanians and then they will not give up even a penny. Half of the time, so they fully exploit this tempo: then, it is the line of grace. Federico Cisa reached his saving goal in the eighth (2-1) series against Austria in a storm that started. The Joe player defeats as much as he can. Half an hour into the game, Niccol ப Barella, surrounded by three Belgians in their area, plays with them and Thibaut Courtois: The nets tremble for the first time.

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Varnish Belgians

In the controls, the length of the pass, the races, the discounts: in absolutely full-scale technique, the Belgians look at the Italians through a telescope. After all, all the sugar in football, this high, overflowing, vibrant desire is watering down the Italian lines. In these white shorts covered with traces of grass, you can almost see Marco Verratti warning in the first place, about a mile from his target before the twentieth minute. The symbol that rolled a magnificent balloon in the skylight of Crdoba: Italy travels five places above the Belgians. Who does not respond, dull, only through the master Kevin de Bruyne they play. Before Jeremy Toku disrupted the Assyrian machine with a haircut. The 19-year-old Rens driver, who favors Yannick Karasco for changing the risk of injury, gets fined after a stroller. Lukaku, who started a fight with the smiling Sielini from the first breath of the match, continues his fight against Gianluigi Donaruma. The attacker ranks the keeper in the middle. 2-1 at half time, the Belgians varnished well.

When returning from the locker room, the same speed with which Transpoline players carry, will quickly fall from the “Oles” stand. At every second ball present, Mancini’s players are constantly tormented with the idea that their goal should never be denied, i.e. even watching the Devils slip on their backs can be dangerous in some rare cases. In the sixties, Lukaku saw his recovery pushed back into office by the thigh of Spinozola. The left piston, which has decided to pierce the right side of all the shafts facing it, makes Thomas Munier drink the cup, while his friend Insine makes him take the waves. Nasser Chadli has been appointed to replace the former Paris Saint-Germain, a symbol of his team’s track record. Spinassola also ended up going out on a stretcher with tears in his eyes as Italy may have lost their surprise player in the remaining matches tonight.

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The Belgians did not push back, but there was little to do to make the Italians tremble. At the last minute, they drop like flies. Cordois goes into frustration in the opponent’s area in the last corner of the game. But it’s over. Following the defeat against the Blues in 2018, the popular Belgian “seam” is being re-compiled, triggered by the feeling of being deceived. Merritt football has its napkin ring.


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