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(ANSA) – ROME, March 24 – “China can and should do more to get Russia to cease fire and withdraw its forces.” This was stated by Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani in response to a question on the sidelines of an event in Farnesina. Tajani added that “Beijing’s peace plan” does not include a request for the withdrawal of Russian forces, but other points can be studied,” stressing that “in Moscow there are ears that are attentive to what China says.”

“Our goal is to bring Ukraine a just peace that respects international law, but at the same time we do everything we can to help the civilian population.”

This was stated by Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani in the presentation of the humanitarian mission organized by the Minor Brothers Conventual, Auxilium, Sant’Egidio and Vig, to offer aid and solidarity to the Ukrainian population, starting from March 27. He stressed that “in addition to the men who fight, there are women and children who suffer, there are destroyed cities, families who have lost their fathers and brothers,” and “Italy is a country of solidarity.” (handle).

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