Macron fires Baker Akrout:
from Claudio Del Frit

The Tunisian-born baker was sentenced to one year in prison at the Elysee. But the line of inflexibility towards the Islamic fundamentalism of the president prevailed

French President Emmanuel Macron Reaffirms its railway cagainst Islamic extremism: He did this in December by proposing a law to end the separation between the secular state and Islamic fundamentalism, and he is now doing so with A symbolic and tangible act: The President of the Elysee decided to abandon the talent of Makram Akrout, The best French bread in FranceAnd The winner of the title who would have guaranteed the supply of bread for one year head of state. Some messages posted on social media were deemed fatal to Akrout Anti-French and pro-Islam.

Macron congratulated the winner on Saturday, French mold maker of Tunisian origin. But then the Tunisia Tribune website, which defines itself as the gateway to the Tunisian world (and wheel Marine Le Pen advocates) had cited Akrout’s relaunched Facebook posts, which caused a lot of bewilderment. In one of these, France is accused of encouraging and spreading decadence in our country to protect her country Colonial interests push us away from religion and Islamic values. Akrout, had tried to defend himself by saying that his account had been hacked. His lawyer admitted that he may have shared the content posted on social media without understanding its content. The controversy was immediate, to the point that Akram didn’t actually show up at the awards show on Saturday.

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And now L’Eliseo has backed down, too, and fired the award-winning baker: Presidency’s services, as Le Figaro wrote, They said they didn’t call this guyEnsure that the annual presentation is not automatic for the award winner. Akrout is the first excluded since the award It was created by the Paris City Council in 1994. After all, a baguette is more than just a piece of bread. It is a symbol of France, which this year nominated it for inclusion in the UNESCO heritage.

But if a loaf of bread is a source of pride for France, so is spirit of the republic, The secular culture of the state that does not allow religion to invade the field. For this inspiring culture The law that Macron himself put in place in December 2020Annoyed by killing fanatics, Simon BateThe teacher is guilty of showing his students a cartoon about Muhammad. The law puts into a corner every fundamentalist drift and demand for justice separate from French justice: the goal is greater achievement. Transparency in financing from abroad To the French and major mosques Checks towards the Imam (Always coming from abroad) Intended for the training of Muslim clerics. Stop teaching at home too (which would have deprived children of education by state schools) and greater powers of Dissolution of associations that take controversial and violent positions.

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