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The singer responded to the controversial comments of a columnist who called singer Hoshi “scary”.

Last April, Fabian Lekoufer sparked controversy by declaring that there was a shortage of beautiful people in the music world, while criticizing singer Hoshi. His engagement also caused a real bad stir on social networks. ” Today we lost the idea of ​​beautiful boys. When are we going out with handsome guys or cool girls? Finally, you put a poster of the hoshi in your room, right? But it’s scary. She has this girl’s talent, but let her give her songs to the good girls ‘, then announced the columnist.

Shocking statements targeting the young woman’s body, causing a clear reaction. Today, Grand Corps Malade is responding as well, dealing with Fabien Lecoeuvre in his latest title, “Des people beaux,” according to RTL. The columnist’s voice is even present at the beginning of the song, allowing context for the controversy.

« Hello sir, you are the nostalgic / damned singers, maids / You need to know an important secret / He didn’t have good bellies Brassins / Songwriters / Singers aren’t necessarily crooks / You know sir, you sometimes have to shut up / Me, I want to see Hoshi on poster“,” is particularly critical of Grand Corps Malade in defense of the singer.


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