Tom Daley dans les tribunes des épreuves olympiques de plongeon.

The film has been circulating on social media: British diver Tom Daly, who won a gold medal in the 10m synchronized diving at the Olympics in Tokyo, was “surprised” by the background of the diving events. She ” The way to find peace is to focus and help calm stress .

“On the back, I picked a great team Great Britain logo”

If we did not doubt his skill with needles and thread balls even for a second, we were still waiting to see the final result. In support of the photos and comments, the 27-year-old athlete posted his latest work on social media: Sweater with Olympic Rings and His Country, UK. ” My Olympic Cardigan!, Tom Daly wrote on Instagram, the title of his photos. When I came to Tokyo, I wanted to do something reminiscent of the Olympics in the future. I designed a template by working on colors that represent a lot of things in these games! »

« On the back I chose a great team Great Britain logo, with a flag and GPR on the shoulders, Diver Profile. Ahead, I wanted to keep it simple and did everything I could to embroider Tokyo in Japanese! »

In all his work (this Olympic cardigan is far from his only record), Tom Daly points out that he strives. ” Raise money for Brain Tumor Charity (Society Against Brain Cancer, Editor’s Note) In memory of his father Died in 2011.

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