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Hansa Rostock is in the 16th round of the DFB Cup. The North Germans won 4-2 on penalties in a clash between two second division football teams in John Regensburg on Wednesday evening.

By Johannes Friedac

Pascal Fryer was the famous hero of the McLenbergs. The striker converted a penalty shoot-out 3: 3 in the 120th minute. He then went on to become the fourth sniper to win. Hansa goalkeeper Marcus Golke saved a previous penalty and took advantage of a shot from the post. During regular play, Rostock took a 2-0 lead 70 minutes later with goals from Julian Riedel and Streli Mamba, and only conceded 2-2 in the 90th minute.

Riedel meets in front, Hansa stands behind the bulwark

Hansa coach Jens Hartell changed his starting line-up to 0: 4 at FC St. Bali and brought in six new players. Two of the newcomers gave Rostock the opening goal a few minutes later: Mamba extended a corner on a nearby post, Rydal was in the middle and made it 1-0 (9th).

A perfect start for the North Germans, who then ambushed in deep defense and counter-attack. Regensburg have long seen no way against the guests’ compact defense, and were challenged for the first time in the 20th minute when Hansa keeper Kolke brilliantly barred a shot from Saralambos Macridis. But in the first round Golke could do nothing else because he relied on the attentive ones ahead.

Mamba raises for Hansa

Shortly after the restart, the Hansa goalkeeper returned to the venue, but John-Nicholas Festa scored only on the outer net (48th) so there was no need to interfere. In return, Mamba scored 2-0 for the guests. Shortly afterwards, however, the Rostock striker did better: Bentley Baxter Bonn – a newcomer to the Hansa team – sent the ball to Mamba Meyer alone to make it 2-0 (56th).

Regensburg equalized in the 90th minute.

Hansa played with confidence and made a quick switch after winning the ball – the game had not yet given up. After Sarpreet Singh’s next goal, he won with a hoe (71st) and lost more and more Hartell-Elf overview in the fog of Regensburg. Kolke (75th) failed miserably from close range. Shortly afterwards, John Striker scored only on the post (82nd) ​​and Andreas Albers kept the ball slightly wider for the goal (85th). The hosts received a series of top-notch players – and Swartz forced extra time after hitting the crossbar in the 90th minute.

Rostock's goalkeeper Marcus Golke cheered after saving a penalty.  © IMAGO / Zinc

Audio: Hansa goalkeeper Marcus Golke: “It was crazy today” (2 min)

… Hansa in the 120th minute

Regensburg’s pressure was not great in extra time – but it was enough to take the lead for the first time. Goal did not get a chance against Breitcruz’s incredible header (101st). Four minutes later Swartz forgave the preliminary decision (105th) – it was revenge. With the last act of the straight, Briar no longer met the impossible balance (120th). It went up to the penalty.

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Day 2, October 27, 2021, 8:45 p.m.

J. Regensburg


Hansa Rostock



J. Regensburg:
A. Mayor – Salar, Breitcruz, Nasreener (59th Guevara), Vikesser – Kimper (79th Bukalfa), Besuskov – Festa, Singh (79th Faber) – D. Otto (59th Swartz), Macridis (46th Albers)

Hansa Rostock:
Colke – J. Riedel, r. Malone, Rosbach, Risuto (79th Nightard) – Frode, Rhine (75th H. Behrens) – Mamba (75th Munchie), Bonn, Schumacher (65th Mayor) – Verhoek (65th century) Prayer)


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