'They are foreign agents': those who end up on Putin's blacklist

Two more Russians end up in the so-called ‘List foreign clients”, i.e. includes individuals or associations that acted against the interests of Moscow.

According to the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation and Agi, this is the former leading entrepreneur of the Yukos Mikhail Khodorkovsky The well-known chess player today practices politics Gary KasparovBoth are staunch opponents of President Vladimir Putin. For Russian citizens, the accusation is to put political pressure on Moscow, and also benefit from funding from both the USA and Ukraine itself.

On April 22, the same fate met other politically active Russian citizens, and they ended up on the Moscow blacklist for their work at home as foreign agents: the former editor-in-chief of the filtered radio station “Echo from Moscow” Alexei Venediktov, by journalist Alexander Nevzorov, was indicated to the employee The former anti-corruption institution Leonid Volkov and finally the publicist Vladimir Kara-Murza.

But on April 15, it was the turn of the famous YouTuber blogger and journalist Dodd Yuri Alexandrovich and political scientist Shulman Ekaterina Mikhailovna.

The term “foreign agents” refers to dissidents, journalists, and activists accused of conducting and financing political activities abroad, a designation that evokes the old “enemies of the people” of the Soviet era. The Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation alleges that Khodorkovsky (58) and Kasparov (59) have sources in Ukraine to finance their activities. Khodorkovsky, a well-known Russian businessman, came into conflict with the Kremlin with the advent of Vladimir Putin. After 10 years in a Russian penal colony, he now lives in Great Britain. As for Kasparov, the man has lived in the United States for nearly 10 years.

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Both declared their opposition to Russian intervention in Ukraine.


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