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In the early hours of this morning, the Russian military fired eight missiles at the city of Zaporozhye in southeastern Ukraine where Europe’s largest nuclear power plant is located. The head of the Regional Military Administration, Oleksandr Starukh, said on social media: “According to preliminary information, one of the missiles hit the Zaporizhzhya regional center near the Dnipro River. There is still no information about any casualties or wounded,” he wrote. Ukrainian media reported this.

“Shortly after midnight the Russian army launched a missile attack on the industrial zone of the Ukrainian nuclear power plant in Pevdnokrainsk, in the southern Mykolaiv region. The powerful explosion occurred only 300 meters from the reactors.” This was stated in a statement by the Ukrainian state nuclear energy company Energoatom, which was reported by Espresso TV. “The shock wave damaged the buildings of the power station. Three high-voltage power lines have also been disconnected – Energoatom said – currently. The plant units are operating normally and there are no casualties among the workers.”

Four doctors were killed yesterday and two patients were injured during a Russian shelling on the village of Strelica in the Kharkiv region, while patients were being evacuated from a psychiatric hospital that was hit by a missile. This was denounced by Oleg Senegubov, head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration, according to reports from Ukrainska Pravda. “Health workers, even under the bombing, risked their lives, tried to save the sick. It was possible to evacuate 30 patients, in total there are more than 600 in the institute. During the evacuation, the Russians began an intense bombing.”

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