Les Parisiens étaient en position de lanterne rouge au coup d

Roundabout and opener in the encounter but also the first act to be forgotten… Find the highs and lows of the last match of Day 6 of the Top 14, Stade Français-ASM Clermont (22-14).


Lightning struck Nayakalivo twice
He is without doubt the right man on the French court in this bleak start to the season for the Parisians. The usual Waisea Nayacalevu position on the wing has been replaced, making Clermont’s defense miserable by scoring two attempts (12)NS, 49NS). The first by receiving a cross at the foot of his opening goal Joris Segundes before resisting the return of Thomas Rosier and the second after a long teamwork, where he passed Marvin O’Connor after a pass that jumped from prostitute Tolo Lato before flattening in the net despite interference from JJ Hanrahan and Alivereti Raka. Two flashes allowed Stade Francis to end a black streak of six consecutive defeats against Auvernaz and leave last place in the standings at the expense of Olympic Biarritz.

Joris Segonds have perfected his grades
Possessing 12 points on his feet (4/6), the Paris striker also weighed in his people’s game. Accurate in his candles that undermined Claremont’s back guard, Joris Segonds bid in the first set of the match to Waisea Nayacalevu and dictated the match with a key hand with his articulating friend Arthur Coville, during the first act, where Stade Français was in control of the balloons. Despite the return of selection from Nicolas Sanchez, Joris Segonds appears, like the end of last season when he was a starting place, to count on.

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The Clermont revolution was not enough
ASM Clermont long dominated a very different face in the last half hour and could, at least, bring back a defensive bonus from Jean Bowen. After a well-controlled touchdown, Damien Benaud managed to take a second-half run in the 22-meter Parisian and serve after calling Sheikh Tibergin. Auvergne’s replacement then launched his winger Aliveriti Raca into orbit, who quickly settled into the corner to resume the encounter in full. (16-14, 61 .)NS). In the back, second-row Thomas Lavagnini missed match point (67) and could very much regret it. After parrying a break from Joris Segundes, the Argentine tangled in the goal by committing a striker when the attempt appeared to be over. Then, Juno Gibbs’ men let their chance pass, and the Parisians managed to deny them their last-gasp defensive bonus, with two fresh kicks (75).NS, 80NS).


The first ASM work is completely missing
If the score on the bulletin board in the break (11-9) might indicate a balanced first period, it was not. In fact, the bill (?) could have been more salty as Parisian events abound. Undercut by both of the pink soldiers’ forays into his camp, Clermont’s defense takes water, but damage is reduced thanks to J.J. Hanrahan’s boot (3/3 during the first forty minutes). Facing a French stadium lacking confidence, the Jaunards here missed the opportunity to present themselves with a first success of the season outside of their bases and return to a standings where they were trampling on a poor eleventh place (9 points), far from their standards. .

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Makalu, blunders that could have been expensive
A strongman from the Parisian collegiate group in recent years, Sekou Makalu showed himself in a bad way on Sunday night by failing to achieve two Parisian highlights when the tests looked ready. And in the eighth minute, the third row advanced with a striker on Clermont’s goal line after Rabah Slimani’s return, before being tangled again ten minutes later. While it appeared that a surplus was achieved from the outside, the France international (3 selections) was penalized for making a double move on the ground, when flattening the goal (19).NS). Mistakes in the last gesture without consequences but could have had a bitter taste at the end of the match.


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