Cars, almost all of them, have very useful things hidden inside them, and most drivers don't even know they exist
The secret compartment in the car – Source –

Few people know the secret of the machine: here is a mysterious door, but what does it contain and what is its purpose?

Each car has an interior Many secrets There are few drivers who know them all. In fact, most motorists do not know all the true capabilities of their car except to help them Exploit every corner of the car Today you can find thousands and thousands of tips online that most experts have made available to everyone that help make your trips more beautiful and unforgettable.

The advice we're giving you today comes from a place where there's certainly no shortage of car-related suggestions: let's talk about Tik Tokthe famous video platform that revolutionized the world of social networking forever from China, and not without some Controversy and controversy. Not just ballet and trends, TikTok as well Also useful for motoristsalthough many still tend to underestimate its full potential and consider it a social network for teenagers.

Here's what one of many TikTok users revealed: It doesn't take much to discover a secret compartment in your car.

Secret compartment in the car, secret from Tik Tok

Just “push and turn”: that's what the TikTok user says in his video published on the Chinese social network that reveals a secret that few know. The object being extracted is a simple object Perfume diffuserIt is available in several fragrances, and is extracted from a chamber that is only found in some cars.

What are these machines? Among these we can undoubtedly mention Citroen DS3which has 72,000 models in circulation in the UK alone.

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Citroen brand - source -
Citroen brand – source –

Where is the secret compartment in the Citroen DS3

Among the scents available for this special car air freshener Vanilla and mango, two flavors that can make your car cleaner and more enjoyable and ensure that your trips are accompanied by the sweet scent of fresh fruit. Many people commented asking how to get the fragrance extractor out of the room.

The TikToker responded to these questions by saying: “It takes a few tries, but you have to do it Push and turn a littleIn short, this time too TikTok comes to the rescue of everyone who does not know what is inside their car.


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