“For migrants, Italy cannot be left alone. And I will see Meloni »- Corriere.it

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Reykjavik – They touch each other. In the icy wind that beats the port of the Icelandic capital, Georgia Meloni arrive a little earlier Emmanuel Macron.

They ask her if the Reykjavík Summit of the Council of Europe could be the appropriate occasion to clarify after the controversy over Rome’s strategy to counter the disembarkation and the Italian prime minister’s fading: «I’ll be able to see everyone… From here I’ll go straight to the G7 in Japan, there are long days when everyone talks with everyone “.

But when Macron crosses the full glass threshold of the Harpa Convention Center, he is the one who opens up to reconciliation: «Yes, he is here and I will see him (Meloni, ed.). Italy cannot be left alone».

Therefore, for the first time, the French president meets the demands of Palazzo Chigi and shortens the distances, with the clear aim of bringing Rome and Paris closer to each other after the intense contradictions that divided the two governments.

In recent days, several French deputies have made statements hostile to the Italian government’s policies (“Melloni is not able to solve immigration problems,” Interior Minister Darmanin said; “Melloni’s policy is unfair, inhumane and ineffective,” added Stéphane Sigourney, head of the presidential Ennahda party) .

However, the prime minister has lowered the tone of the differences. The men close to the French head of state have determined that – beyond what individual ministers or preachers might say about the Italian government – “what matters is the relationship between Emmanuel Macron and Georgia Meloni, which continues to be marked by dialogue and a search for greater understanding.”

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