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“Disappointment”, “shipwreck” and “disaster” … The French media was not spared from Didier Deschamps’ team after Monday night’s defeat against the Swiss after a match of swings and a sad shooting session.

Horror and upon arrival the victory of Switzerland. After a roller coaster match and a penalty shootout, France lost on Monday night to Helvetian (3-3, 4-5). A director in the eighties leaves the French press bitter. “destroyed”, title the team This Tuesday morning, while Parisian talking about “disappointment”, appreciate it “France has never managed to be a team during this Euro.”

the world You remain suspicious of him To the Swiss Wall taken by the blues. “How did this team declare itself the favorite of the tournament – praised for its strength and leadership led by a victory-obsessed coach, to let itself turn like a pie in ten minutes after taking a two-goal lead?”

a Libyan, We prefer to emphasize the beauty of sport and the intensity of the moment: “Football is completely open, the players at the end of the end and an indescribable and unusual spectacle, where the teams seem to communicate instead of facing each other and where the audience is drawn to the field, because the actors invite them to do so. A rare area, unknown outside the major international tournaments and even there Players rarely taste it. The extensions passed like a wink.

Didier Deschamps in the camera lens

Far from a collective failure and a missed shot from Kylian Mbappe during the penalty shootout, Didier Deschamps is responsible for the press. So he presented devotes an article to it, “Deschamps, disaster class.” for a specialized magazine, “His share of the responsibility is huge, he planted himself from the ground up in this confrontation, from the starting lineup to Coman’s complex, including Griezmann’s early exit.”

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And to get the point home on the Tricolor Coach’s strategy: “3-5-2 would therefore have had a good thirty minutes before disappearing into the impromptu break time after conquering a streak on the lawn. Returning to a more traditional, but not necessarily more coherent system, which swung between Massey’s 4-4-2 and 4-3 -3, indicating that the 2018 World Champions coach didn’t really know where he stood and had no control over the confrontation.”

“It’s Didier Deschamps who will lose the first period in the big shows, but also in depth with 3-4-3 who will have sunk a ship”, abound the team. We will not fail to notice “Freex” Tease of our Belgian friends from evening.

Team France can always console themselves with this tweet from the Sports Minister: “Very difficult. We would have liked so much to continue the adventure with you Kylian, and we will never forget all the wonderful moments you gave us.”

“We are Asterix!”

As for the daily regional press, same cold shower. to “shy blues” to beautiful morning, “Shipwreck” according to ProvenceNo depeche du midi And the the Union calibration stack Parisian Certainly “Illusion”. Southwest his book ‘Big disappointment’ And don’t go with a dead hand, summon a team “Disastrous in the first half”, while one of western france, She collides. are very restrictive: “Euro 2021: The Blues are eliminated by Switzerland”. Cold rage or dazzling (Swiss) neutrality?

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“Crazy Match”, “Crazy”… Among the Helvetians, a total change in the record. “This is a feat!” title time. 20 minutes A salute (in German) to the Swiss goalkeeper, who stopped Kylian Mbappe’s shot and sealed the fate of the French: “Jan Sommer becomes a great hero.” The same praise to 24 hours. The newspaper is proud of the team “heroic” Who knows how to find Unexpected forces to return to the peak of the blues The world champion advanced 3-1.

“The Swiss national team is writing a page of history. Show up to the last package”, sums it up bring newspaper, When Sankt Galler Tagplatt or: “We are Asterix!” We can’t blame the Swiss for doing too much: their team hasn’t qualified in a major competition knockout match in…sixty-seven years.


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