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After ten games without defeat under coach Ole Werner, 1: 2 at 1. FC Haydenheim were not considered a major setback for second division football team Werder Bremen. And because the first three teams are in balance.

By Christian Cortson

“If not …?” Anthony Jung will definitely have this question in mind the next morning as well. And Werter defender in the 63rd minute of the game 1. Throughout FC Haydenheim, it is very likely that Sunny actually thought about this move throughout Sunday. The 30-year-old, while building the game from the penalty area, put the ball at the feet of Haydenheim’s Christian Colvetter. He responded quickly, passing Stephen Shimmer – and in Bremen’s view it quickly became 0: 2.

Audio: Werter Professional Pittencourt: “It Shouldn’t Have Been” (2 min)

In the end it was only enough for 1: 2. The first defeat under Coach Werner came true. It was a matter of pride for Jung that he did not try to find excuses for the Fox Boss. “I made the wrong decision. That room seemed bigger than it actually was. So the goal was put. It was my personal fault. I have nothing to say about it,” Jung said. “I put the team in a more difficult situation.”

Werder is not looking for professional junk sacks

This abandonment was certainly part of the reason for the failure, but it was not the only reason. Werner was far from seeing it differently. He was asked to understand that such a mistake could happen, especially considering the defensive changes. “Tony Jung has never played under me as a left midfielder and has been on the left throughout training week. Had to be done in Heidenheim (injury to the calf muscle).

According to Werder Bremen, the successful series ended in defeat at Astal. Bremen has not lost in ten Division II games played under former Holstein Kiel coach. This is not even a real setback in the fight for promotion for the Bundesliga. After all, the worst competitors are Dormstad 98 and FC Saint Polly (1: 1 in Dresden), not available beyond the draw. It was so tight at the top of the table after May 26 that even Werder professional Leonardo Pittencourt missed things briefly.

Next enemy: Leader Darmstadt

“How are the dots there?” The attacker asked in an interview with NDR after learning about losing the lead at the table. “All 48, yes, there are only three numbers. We can get the correct number one next week,” Pittencourt said. Then, again Saturday evening, it’s against the current leaders Darmstadt. But this may be without the important forces in the central defense. In addition to the absence of Dobrock, Marco Fried (rib injury) was injured during the game.

Niklas Füllkrug © imago images / Nordphoto

Audio: Jug Filling: “We should assume this will continue” (2 min)

In an interview with NDR, attacker Nicholas Fulkruk did not bother after losing the lead at the table. “On the last day of the game, the accounts will be corrected for positive or negative. So: Be humble! Keep going!”

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