Trump went on to say that the Chinese people have a misconception about America

If Donald Trump’s departure had mitigated the damage somewhat, nothing would have changed the bad perception that the Chinese have in the United States, complete the three researchers who investigated the matter.

Has Joe Biden’s visit to the White House improved the outlook for the Chinese people in the United States? Basically, very few analysts of the three political scientists who recently conducted a study on this issue.

Performed by Adam Liu of Lee Kuan Yew University in Singapore, Li Xiajun of British Columbia University and Pong Chongqing of Rice University in Texas. First comment review In November 2020, shortly before the US presidential election, China’s vision of 14 developed countries. According to them, public opinion “Strengthen or control Chinese foreign policy,” They write Diplomate. Like their counterparts around the world, Chinese leaders no doubt want the consent of their people to their foreign policy. ” Especially since billions of Chinese Internet users are intimately interested in it.

Some animosities were linked to Trump

Researchers say that 77% of the Chinese who answered the first questionnaire expressed an unfavorable or negative opinion of the United States. The second part of the surveyConducted after the inauguration, from January 25 to February 2, 2021, it shows that the United States ranks first among the most hated countries, with 72% unfavorable to the most unfavorable comments. “They are closely followed by allies close to Washington.” : Japan (58%), Australia (54%), Canada (46%) and the United Kingdom (45%). On the other hand, “European countries are in the best position”, Hate percentage up to 30%.

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Although the overall picture between the two studies was consistent, negative comments about the United States fell by five points, and “So some animosity may be linked to Trump,” he said. Emphasize researchers. In contrast, while other countries ’scores remain stable, Australia’s score has deteriorated by seven points amid growing tensions between Beijing and Canberra. As for Europe, it is consistent, and despite the more and more strongly expressed criticisms of the question of Xinjiang and Hong Kong, Germany is recording very positive comments.


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