Edwin Potts has resigned as Secretary of the Northern Ireland Democratic Unionist Party after just 21 days.

Edwin Potts Resigned He took office as Secretary of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) in Northern Ireland just 21 days after taking office, due to internal party riots. His party was widely criticized for Potts for striking a deal with the British government and Sinn Fein – the Northern Irish nationalist and Independence Party in the ruling coalition – to appoint DUP member Paul Gevan as prime minister, while a majority of the party favored waiting. Poots announced that he will remain the leader of the DUP until a replacement is chosen.

Before he was appointed leader of the DUP Poots, he was the Minister for Agriculture of Northern Ireland, which despite being part of the United Kingdom has its own government and parliament (the assembly) that deals with local affairs. He was chosen to replace Arlene Foster, who was the party’s leader and first minister, and in April have announced He resigned from both positions. Jeevan was chosen as the prime minister, who took office on Monday, June 14.

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