Designer of clothes and shoes at a time when the country is going through a crisis –
to Louis Hippolytus

Controversy about the life of Prime Minister Nabob and his very rich wife. Latest condition: €650 KW Anderson shoes worn with €150 leggings

A slap in the face of misery: a slipper punch in the face. While in England people are tightening their belts because of the high cost of living and the long lines at food distribution centers for the poor, Tenants at 10 Downing Street

Keep bragging

simple condition

who deplore an existence made of ease and softness.

We are talking about the prime minister Rishi Sunak and his wife: The lady actually allowed herself to be photographed on the street With soles worth £570 on his feet (about 65 euros), on his way back from school where he was accompanying his two daughters. to complete There was also a pair of “modest” JW Anderson shoesleggings From 130 pounds (150 euros)from a brand, Alo Yoga, that is proud to be “Celebrity Approved.”

Not exactly there Put Which was expected from a strong couple who wanted to show themselves close to people. But on the other hand, Sunaks nabobs, e Repeat offenders: Their personal wealth is estimated at 730 million pounds (830 million euros). They are even richer than King CharlesHe is easily the richest British Prime Minister in history.

Not that there’s anything wrong with it: just the problem is that the couple turns out to be just that Separated from the real world and its problems. Indeed, the appearance of Sunak on a dusty construction site in Prada moccasins worth 490 pounds (more than 550 euros) sparked merriment; He was mocked by a former Conservative minister for wearing a €4,000 dress. Even worse, when he wanted to be photographed busy at his desk: he didn’t lose sight of the fact that in front of him was a €200 trophy, a technology demon that keeps The coffee is at a constant temperature for three hours. And on the subject, once Mrs. Sunak had left the house to serve tea and biscuits to the journalists who had camped across: only she had done so with precious collector’s cups.

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This detail is not foolishness: it is a political issue. Because if Boris Johnson – despite his Eton and Oxford graduates – managed to make himself seen as a simple joker, Able to communicate with the deep layers of public opinionSunak is shown as a technocrat who descended from another planet, who asked him when he met a homeless man “Are you at work?”.

The magazine too TatlerWhen, assigning a profile to the cover, though sympathetic to his wife, he could not help but call her a “Downing Street lady”: on the other hand, she is the daughter of an Indian billionaire, it turns out that the year has passed, to great embarrassment, that he has paid no taxes in Britain (thanks to the questionable legal exemption system). And Sunak himself, until last year, held green card American, i.e. Permanent Residence Permit: Which means that even though he was a London politician, he kept one foot on the other side of the ocean for security.

How to get back more than 20 points behind Labor with someone like this is a problem the Tories are posing.

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