On Sunday, November 7 in France 2, Laurent Dillahous relived a touching memory in front of his guest Clementine Cellari, who came over a year ago on his show, was battling cancer.

Last week, we found out that Clémentine Célarié had a painful battle in the shadows: the battle against Colon Cancer. It’s in his book forbidden wordsPublished by Albin Michel, that the actress admitted with great emotion over the detailed course of this disease which she describes as “A moment of deep life, where we find ourselves on our own, during chemotherapy where we stretch like some kind of sperm whale.” The 64-year-old did not hide anything she had to go through: surgery, chemotherapy, her hair loss … and all this almost a year ago. However, during this time, Clémentine Célarié was definitely not the frontrunner but continued to give interviews to the media. This was confirmed by Laurent Dillahous when he invited the actress to his set 8:30 pm Sunday This evening November 7th.

“And I was sick…”

He left free space for his interlocutor to express himself in his book and the ordeal he went through, but he nonetheless invoked a memory from the previous year: when, in May 2020, Clementine Cellari was a guest on his broadcast at the same time as former Minister Christiane Tobera. “A year, a year and a half ago, I came to this group…”, Lauren Dillahous started. “Yeah sure, I did have cancer. It was there”The actress confirmed. Then he greeted the journalist: “You have often given us change, I was there, everything was fine. There was still this strength, this energy. Often on groups. And I was sick…”

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“Not bad ?”

Leaving Clémentine Célarié to explain himself, Laurent Delahousse had the right to a new lesson in courage: “Yeah finally… Me, I didn’t actually consider myself sick! I was told I had colon cancer. Well, well, well, I thought to myself, so You have to spread the shell and shields. “ A strength of character impressed the journalist, who asked his guest: “Not even honestly bad? What do we say to each other?”. So Clémentine Célarié gave her interpretation and way of experiencing things: “The problem is If you’re hurting, that’s a way to fall for me. And if we fall, we fall completely. I was with Jerome, the producer and my friend, he was there. And in fact, he was the one who had almost more problems than me.”


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