What are they doing with the children of the latest Taliban atrocities?  Terrible revenge from the rebels, the attack was launched in the Al-Bashir - El Tempo district

The Taliban takes revenge on the resistance. The reassuring tones used by the group that took the country back into its hands after the withdrawal of US forces while the new Afghan government is about to become official cannot mask the crackdown on the opposition and the insurgents. The Taliban has in fact announced that hundreds of its fighters are heading towards the Panjshir Valley, where the insurgents are concentrated. “Hundreds of mujahideen from the Islamic Emirate are heading to Panjshir to control it after the local authorities refused to abandon it peacefully,” the group said on Twitter.

The repression has already begun. The Taliban are allegedly kidnapping children of participants in the organized resistance in the mountains and valleys north of Kabul. Four officials reported this. Khair Muhammad Khairkhwa, the former intelligence chief in Balkh province, Abdul Ahmad Dadgar, another leader of the uprising, and two other officials whose identities have not been revealed. There is talk of burning homes and children kidnapped by families.

The organized resistance that fights under the banner of the people’s revolution is targeted by the Islamic Emirate. Fighting broke out in Baghlan Province, about 120 kilometers north of Kabul: the resistance forces took control of three districts around the Andrap Valley, located in the Hindu Kush mountain range near Banshir.

The last pocket of resistance against Islamic militants is concentrated in northern Afghanistan and the updates come from the Twitter account of the state of Banshir attributed to the rebels led by Ahmed Masoud, son of the legendary lion of Banshir, he says. The Taliban would have given a 4-hour ultimatum to surrender. And then the shipment started.

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