Solomon Islands, revolution in the capital: the government imposes a curfew

Australia sends army and police – Australia announced sending military peacekeeping forces to the Solomon Islands. The Prime Minister said that
Scott Morrison, two days after violent riots threatened to overthrow the Honiara government. “Our goal is to provide stability and security,” Morrison said, noting that he had received a request for assistance from the Prime Minister of Manaseh Sogavari Islands.

Prime Minister Sogavary: “We will take responsibility” – Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavary addressed the country saying that “the investigation arm of the government is working to track down those responsible for the destruction, they will face the law, and no one will be above the law.” On the evening of November 24, Sugavari signed a 36-hour curfew order, which according to data collected by the local newspaper “will allow the police to investigate further what happened”.

China behind the uprising? – The protesters mainly come from Malaita Province, the most populous of the Solomon Islands. They are calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavari, due to the tensions between the Malaita local government led by Daniel Sugavari and the national Sogavari government. Relations between Swedani and Sugavari soured when Sugavari decided to move from diplomatic recognition of Taiwan to China. Sweedani has been a vocal critic of the move, claiming bribes were paid for the move to China, according to the Solomon Times.

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