– At the time of the events, the family immediately condemned the disappearance of their son, but the searches did not lead to anything. Kanhai was the eldest son of wealthy Kameshwar Singh, an influential landowner in Nalanda district, who fell into depression after his disappearance. Desperation prompted him to go to witches, fortune tellers, and charlatans of all kinds. One day, a shaman from the village announced that his son is alive and will return soon.

In September 1981, a young man arrived in a village near the village of which the 16-year-old disappeared. The boy claimed to be “the son of an important person” but to live rich and cured in the streets.

Soon, rumors reached Kameshwar Singh, now elderly and semi-blind, and became convinced that this was indeed his son. The news also reached Singh’s wife, Ramsakhi Devi. Soon the mother realized that the man was not what he said. He sued him for identity theft and the fraudster spent a month in prison. However, Kameshwar Singh was adamant: that young man is the lost maiden.


-Dianand Goosen, that’s the scammer’s real name, after nearly four decades convicted of identity theft, fraud, and conspiracy, and sentenced to seven years in prison.

Like the modern-day Mattia Pascal de Briandello, Gossin attempted during the trial to “kill” his original identity with false testimony. Deceit, no doubt, the man refused to provide a DNA sample to compare it to that of Singh’s daughter.

In the years that Gosain took on the role of Kanhayia Singh, he attended college, graduated, married, voted, obtained a firearms license and ran his “father’s” lands. He also built a family that refuses to believe this whole story.

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Who is the real Kanhaya Singh, no trace yet.


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