Launching however! Football club Navas-Noir: Duel by numbers

If the latest photos of Mauro Icardi on social networks suggest that the problems of his relationship with Wanda Nara have not been completely closed, some evidence nevertheless points to the direction of reconciliation.

So, in Icardi’s latest Instagram post, Wanda Nara’s stepmother, Nora Colosimo, released some emojis (prayer, applause, and heart). A message indicating that if his daughter has not yet confirmed on Instagram her return to normal life with the Paris Saint-Germain striker by posting new photos, it will not be long.

Wanda Nara is negotiating the sale of an exclusive interview

Busier with highlighting her daughters, her cosmetics, and her stage show (today in purely Parisian style), will Wanda Nara make money from the “Tele Novelas” that fascinated France and Argentina? Anyway, this is the trend. According to Clarin, the wife and agent of Mauro Icardi is negotiating, for a fee, an exclusive interview with Susana Jimenez, actress and host of the Argentine TV channel.

While waiting to unpack in front of the cameras so people finally understand what’s going on in the Icardi couple, Wanda Nara settles her MP accounts with those trying to take advantage of the situation. According to CalcioMercato, she would attack Guendalina Rodriguez, a transgender model, who was fired in the Argentine press: “Look for fame elsewhere, Mauro doesn’t even know you exist. Go destroy another family, you’re like China Suarez,” she would write between Other names for birds.

Wanda Nara will come out of the silence

While her relationship concerns with Mauro Icardi make the front page of the press in Argentina, Wanda Nara decided to monetize her first interview with the local press. Hence the (false) mystery that she keeps with her miserly posts on social media…


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