The Eintracht Frankfurt game will not be televised.

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The Europa League group stage starts with two German participants, but no one can watch it. Fans needed a new subscription to the games again.

Frankfurt / Leverkusen – European football team level resumes, Champions League already started on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Fans had to tolerate the fact that games were not shown on TV. Bayern fans had to watch the game of record champions on the Amazon Prime, which required a subscription to do so. Fans of RB Leipzig, VfL Wolfsburg and Borussia Dortmund, on the other hand, needed an account from streaming provider DAZN. If you do not want to miss anything from the first class, you should take two separate and paid subscriptions.

But it should not be so. The UEFA Europa League and Conference League matches with Union Berlin, Bayer Leverkusen and Eintracht Frankfurt finally kicked off on Thursday. The RTL Broadcasting Board has acquired its rights. But that does not mean that games will be broadcast on TV. Instead, the RTL streaming service “TV Now” is about to be pushed. Since Intract Frankfurt’s Europa League games have guaranteed good ratings on TV, the image range should be used to attract new subscribers.

Football Live: Sky, DAZN, Amazon – Now TV Now

Only the conference league between Union Berlin and Slavia Prague was seen on TV in Nitro. Leverkusen and Frankfurt’s game only in stream on TV Now Premium. This requires another subscription, with users paying 99 4.99 per month. Anyone who has already paid for Sky, DAZN and Amazon will be asked to pay again. While fans are sometimes frustrated, it’s no surprise that they vent their anger on Twitter. One user identified several providers and summed up the situation as “completely crazy”.

Another fan wanted to watch the Bayer Leverkusen game and found that he needed a new RTL account: “Yes, I know, most of you are not affected, but I realized that the Bayer 04 games are not in the sky, Still on DAZN, still on Prime, still on RTL …, but now on TV. #TVRechteWahnsinn, “he wrote on Twitter.” It’s questionable whether many fans are willing to sign up for another subscription.

Europa League on TV now: Fans have technical issues

Fans who opted for the paid service had to complain even more. Sometimes users were dissatisfied with the transfer system and sometimes there were major technical issues. TV Now is not available on many devices. “If you can not broadcast intelligently, do not defend your rights,” said one fan angrily. “Um, I can not watch the game on my TV, can I watch it on my mobile phone or laptop instead? It’s selling like good news to me,” was another complaint.

Downwards, it was a free trial month for many visitors that they could use. However, it expires before the end of the group stage, after which creativity is required. It is questionable whether football fans will be forced to subscribe after the initial difficulties on TV Now. (ta)


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