PS Plus: If you want to play offline, you can't do without the Internet completely

The PS Plus subscription will switch next month. This allows you to continue playing downloaded games offline, but only under one condition.

Going offline with PS Plus, but on one condition. (Source: Sony screenshot)

  • On June 23, 2022, Sony will change the subscription model for PS Plus.
  • You can play offline, but you must confirm membership weekly.
  • This does not apply to PS Plus Essential.

Sony plans to introduce the new subscription model for PS4 and PS5 in Germany on June 23, 2022. The combination of PS Plus and PS Now ensures that you can use both services with a single membership.

The ability to play games offline is an important console and subscription feature for many. However, the gaming giant announced in PlayStation Blog I declare that you can play downloaded titles offline only if you reconfirm your membership every seven days.

There is one exception

However, this requirement only applies to games from Extra, Deluxe and Premium subscriptions. Games from the cheapest PlayStation Plus Essential are excluded from this and can be played continuously even without an active network connection.


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If you want to prepare for the upcoming change, we have a tip for you. In our overview of current games and classics, you’ll find the titles waiting for you with your add-on or premium subscription.

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