The end of the myth of the great soldiers, the maintenance of classification: the reform of Macron's ambiguous ENA

A wall panel in a locker room would mark an era. The boxes reserved for members’ affairs are not in alphabetical order, but according to the year of their exit from the ENA, and by their classification within that State Council. This is called the “progress table”. Best left, always. “This locker room symbolizes the time for the state councilor to step away from his youth because his box wall is dangerously approaching in the upper left corner of the wall panel,” Daydreams Benoit Ripado-Dumas, Edward Philip Director of the Cabinet at the Muttignon until July 2020, in an article Powers Review, In 2007. This little pleasure of a strong theme, and the imaginary celebration of the Titans of merit associated with it, has been abandoned since Emmanuel Macron announced his abolition of ENA. You know, this Thursday, April 8, in front of an audience of senior officers. Until the devil builds a nest in the smallest detail, some cunning minds are able to save him In intensity, Another time. The announcements of the President of the Republic open up options.

The end result of direct access for ENA graduates to key state institutions – the State Council, the Accounts Court, the Public Finance Analyst – is the main lesson of the President’s announcements. Because if the National School of Management disappears, in this name, the public service agency will be very similar to it. The same policy for access through competitive examination, the same training work for senior government officials. The principle of “initiation” is that these first fifteen places, which give the interested party the option to choose the king, will end anyway. Here is a paradox, we know that Emmanuel Macron earned his status as an outstanding financial analyst to complete his story about an intelligent “little Ferrari” – the word came from Franுவாois Hollande’s Minister Nicole Brick – for the public good.

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Henceforth, enarques – sorry ispistes – will all join the same body created for this purpose when they leave school. He declared to the President before believing that everyone would have to prove themselves, but rather in the territories and for many years, could join a central administration. His entourage whispers that putting an end to the “anniversaries” of life that “just thirty” young people have is a question. This reform actually guarantees that the semi-final sequence established at the end of ENA is obsolete. In the article quoted above, Benoit recalls how the status of Ripado-Dumas’ attendance determines, especially in the State Council, forty years of life: “Painting thus plays a primitive role. Developments, if they are decided by the President of the Republic, are made by the General Secretariat of the State Council on this single scale”. . Recipients of the most brilliant gift of this deserving barrier course can feel relieved of their responsibility. When you are always at the forefront of Copernicus or Willy brand advertising, you no longer have to be good. The main thing is not to create waves, it is Adline Baldachino, author of the book “Outgoing” outreach and review Farm of the Enarques, Described as triptych “Do not ask for anything, do not say anything, do not see anything”.

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Brave writers and superheroes

The reform proposed by Emmanuel Macron should put more pressure on the republic to access more valuable positions in a less automatic manner. How not to greet? The Govt crisis shows the importance of trusting a senior civil service to be efficient, but courageous and responsive, which is not satisfied with trusting its acquired laws.

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Except all of this doesn’t happen. The maintenance of the classification of exiting leaves is questionable for this reason. All ENA graduates are aware of its weight and spend their lives answering this question about their quality, which, in the view of the orator, often determines the division between the state’s bravest writers and superheroes. How important is this ranking in the next world, in the public service? For this to have any meaning, there must be a cultural revolution in the senior civil service with this reform. Is this possible when we leave the old school as the most important symbol of “state nobles”? After all, if you want to eliminate the life anniversaries that created it, why maintain it? Only to determine the choice of the first job, we are told. But reputations are harsh. If it was a question of postponing the date of entry into the great army of the best competing animals of the country into five or six years, the reform would not have served greatly without short political communication. The position of the leader’s term.



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