This has never happened before in Europe in January

to'Azores Anticyclone Islands It causes temperatures to rise in Western Europe, even in the mountains. It is among the most affected countries SpainToday's maximum temperatures exceeded the threshold +30°C. And to think that we are at the end of January… According to the Spanish meteorological agency Aemet, the thermometer has risen to +29.4°C In the Valencia region (east) and others +27.8°C In Murcia (south-east). Across the country, several local January temperature records were also broken.

In the small ski resort of Puerto de Navacerada, located in the Madrid region at an altitude of 1,900 meters above sea level, the thermometer did not drop below that. +10°C On the night between Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 January. These temperaturesTypical mid to late June”What does it mean “summer“, confirmed Aemet's spokesman, Ruben del Campo, on the social networkabnormalityThis is what worries the agency.

Record for the hottest day in January in Europe

As climate scientist Maximiliano Herrera writes for X, today Recording the highest temperature ever recorded in Europe in JanuaryWith me +30.7°C To register in Gavarda, a city in the Autonomous Community of Valencia, Spain. Herrera cites data from AVAMET, the official meteorological network of the Valencian Community. “Once again, for the fourth month in a row, Spain broke its national record” says Herrera.

The climate scientist also reported a temperature +22.6°C In the city of Les Salines, at an altitude of 1450 meters above sea level Andorrahighlighting that “the National record It was destroyed“. sign in +20.2°C 1,638 meters above sea level in Ingolastres, also in Andorra, breaking the record set in 1936.

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And with this abnormal temperature Hundreds of records were broken in Spain and France. David Curiel, a researcher at the University of Valencia, explains that this mid-winter heat affecting Europe is caused by the presence of a strong hurricane over the Mediterranean Sea. ““There are still no studies evaluating the long-term trend of this type of event, but it is clear that we are seeing this type of anomalous situation more and more frequently.” He told AFP.

Weather forecast for Sunday, January 28

Heat waves are converging in Spain

Spain, which is accustomed to high temperatures, is witnessing an increasing number of converging heat waves, sometimes outside the summer months, which is worrying scientists. The country already recorded unusually high temperatures in December, where it reached its peak +29.9°C And in Malaga, Andalusia (south), A National record for December.


These heat waves occur in an extreme context droughtEspecially in Andalusia and Catalonia (east), where the authorities imposed restrictions on water consumption after three years of low rainfall. In Catalonia, reservoirs, which store rainwater for use in the drier months, fell to 17% of capacity in mid-January. If it drops below 16%, which appears imminent, the authorities will have no choice but to declare a state of emergency, imposing further restrictions.

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