TikTok, von der Leyen wants to ban it.  Salvini quips: “With all the problems we face…”

Campaign against social media? European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen does not rule out banning TikTok in the EU if she is re-elected to lead the Commission. “It is not out of the question,” he said in a debate in Maastricht, in response to a question about whether, if his term is renewed, he would ban TikTok in the European Union because of its links to China, as the United States is considering. . The EPP candidate stressed that the European Commission was “the first institution in the world” to ban the installation of TikTok on its company's phones and that it knew “exactly the danger of TikTok.”

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In response to the first man of the European Union, Matteo Salvini, who launched a counterattack on the social network in question: “But with all the problems that exist in Europe and that Italian families suffer from, I wish the President of the European Commission had a little longer time,” Ursula von der Leyen said: “I wouldn’t rule out a TikTok ban, a TikTok ban.” I read it three times to see if he was joking or not. And here – adds the League leader and Deputy Prime Minister – there is the problem of security, work, unemployment and wars, and the President of the European Commission, not the President of my country and I hope for a little longer, says “Ban TikTok?” I wouldn't rule it out. Can I say, long live freedom of thought and expression everywhere? The Europe I am thinking of – Salvini clarifies again – is not a Europe that imposes taxes, embargoes, regulations, masks, censorship and wars. Ursula, long live freedom.”

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