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The Prince Harry He wouldn’t be able to wear a uniform at the last vigil for queen Elizabethscheduled for Wednesday at Westminster Hall. Instead of that Prince Andrew – which he described daily Mail As the “disgraceful younger brother of the king” – he was exceptionally allowed to wear a uniform. This is a “special sign of respect,” a disclaimer from Carlo that causes debate.

The Duke of York fell from grace and was banished from the public life of the royal family as a result of his role in the scandal involving Jeffrey Epstein. However, Andrea will be allowed to wear Military uniform only for the last vigil: He will not be able to do so at all other events scheduled during the days of mourning for Queen Elizabeth’s disappearance. Meanwhile, details of the ceremony emerged: the coffin would be closed and placed on a raised platform. It will be monitored 24 hours a day from Wednesday 14 September until Monday 19, when the state funeral will take place.

Returning to Prince Andrew, it must be remembered that he gave up his position within the royal family and was stripped of all his honorary military roles due to friendship with Epstein and allegations of sexual abuse by Virginia Roberts, who at the time contested the facts. The Queen’s son was a minor. Even Harry and Meghan were deprived of their nicknames after they fled to the United States: for this reason, Carlo’s son is not allowed to wear a military uniform.

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